Adam Celeban - Artist, Illustrator & Designer

Adam Celeban is a prize-winning artist, illustrator, designer, dancer & experimental chocolatier. Read on to find out more about Adam and the talented people he works with, and alongside.

All About Adam

To use some hyperbole, I was almost born drawing, and thankfully my parents discovered this disposition and helped me to develop it (lots of people have called me talented, but I really don't think talent exists. It's only hard work, or thoroughly enjoyed work). Endless scribbles and stories of dragons, magic and futuristic technologies. I found a practice disguised as passion, and pretty quickly those 3 year old's scribbles were about on par with a 15 year old's. Before long I would ask my Dad to draw something for me, and rather than being willing to jump in and show off he suggested this little kid would probably do a better job at it.

Some of my best childhood art can be found in the pages of my maths books, and on the back of religion exams (Not to worry. Somehow I managed to come top in my year in Religion and still manage to make a masterpiece out of its end of year exam). Rather than playing video games, I found that in my childhood I would dabble with Photoshop into the wee hours of the morning.

When I was young, I think people around me helped to implant the typical stereotype that an artist is, and can only be a "struggling artist". They are vague, emotional, temperamental an odd. Creativity is associated with messiness and disorganisation. Graphic design looked like a safer option, and I thought at some stage, that's what I might be interested in. I'm not just a pixel pusher, or a kern-adjuster, but an image creator. And if you're reading this, I don't need to tell you that beautiful images do carry value.

When I look back at my education and career, and really at my "life", it seems as though I began my life with a passion for drawing, and creating, and I developed in such a way that I was seemingly drawn further and further away from this. I ventured through graphic design, web design and 3D animation, but in a way, I think they all build up and around my initial passion to support a life as an artist. I wouldn't call myself an artist in the traditional sense, and definitely not in the stereotypical sense either. I'm a creator of creatures and characters most of all. A compelling image-maker. An artist, illustrator and designer combination.

Other things you may not know

  • Amongst all of that drawing, and constant re-designing of websites, I happened to find a passion for dancing too. I danced Ballroom and Latin American competitively for about 13 years until a few too many knee injuries got me to stop, rest a while, and then take up Swing dancing. While competing, I, along with my partner even managed to achieve an IDSF world ranking of 31st, back in 2003.

  • I like to make trumpet sounds with my mouth. Most tunes degenerate into the Muppet Show theme.

  • Ask to see my calf-guns. When I taught some friends to waltz, they were all surprised to suddenly see my legs transform into Arnold Schwarzanegger's.

  • I was on the Australian TV show, Underbelly: Razor. Very briefly, as a background 1930s dancer in two episodes.

  • I worked on the video game "L.A. Noire".

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