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This work is part of Adam Celeban's artwork collection; including digital painting & drawing to traditional painting, watercolours and even chalk art.

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Big Mamma

Big Mamma - Digital Painting, Adam Celeban 2011

20-21 September 2011 - Digital Painting. Duration: 7 hours.

As a gift to a friend and Blues lover, who doesn't have nearly enough room to house the entire chalk series of Croak, Bellow, Howl & Growl, I completed this digital painting version of "Bellow" (also affectionately known as Big Mama).

Normally reticent to re-make or revisit old work, and keep developing as an artist, I really enjoyed painting this piece because it gave me an opportunity to just concentrate on the painting and focus solely on how the light works in it and develop that to a finer degree.