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This work is part of Adam Celeban's artwork collection; including digital painting & drawing to traditional painting, watercolours and even chalk art.

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Croak, Bellow, Howl & Growl

Croak, Bellow, Howl & Growl - Chalk Art Blues Tribute, Adam Celeban 2010

7-10 October 2010 - Chalk Artwork Series. Duration: 3½ days.

As the chosen "poster boy" for the Chalk Urban Art Festival of 2010, I was swamped with interviews and consequently given an opportunity to flesh out my identity as an artist. I was interviewed by Aesthetics Now Magazine, Street Corner, AFTRS Radio, and Hawkesbury Radio.

2010's Chalk Urban Art Festival was given the theme of
"The Blues". For my entry I chose to tribute Blues musicians with four characters, each drawing inspiration from a mix of different artists. This year I gave myself an added challenge of splitting the 2x3m canvas into a series of artworks, each one a more manageable size. You might notice that the Gorilla (The Growl of Croak, Bellow, Howl & Growl) is shown unfinished. Unfortunately due to time, over-achieving and suffering for my art (that led to painful and bloody fingers), "time" was called just before I was able to complete it.