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This work is part of Adam Celeban's artwork collection; including digital painting & drawing to traditional painting, watercolours and even chalk art.

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The Blue Bird

The Blue Dodo, Chalk Urban Art Festival - Adam Celeban 2008

7-9 September 2008 - Impermanent Chalk Art, 2x3m

In this work, the Blue Dodo character popped into my head singing (or wailing or whining), with a banjo on his lap. He appeared just in time - a day of two before I had to submit my entry to the Chalk Urban Art Festival competition.

The dodo character came into creation whilst, once again, listening to a song, this time by C.W. Stoneking at the Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival about a month beforehand. Funnily enough, the song was called "The Dodo Blues".