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This work is part of Adam Celeban's artwork collection; including digital painting & drawing to traditional painting, watercolours and even chalk art.

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Harry DeFaux

Harry DeFaux, Chalk Urban Art Festival, Adam Celeban 2007

7-9 September 2007 - Impermanent Chalk Art, 2x3m

On my first exhibition for the Chalk Urban Art Festival of 2007 I produced "Harry De Faux", a character that had been playing around in my head for a little while, mostly in a vibrant snappy imagined dance to Danny Kaye's Outfox the Fox, whenever I listened to it.

Harry even made an appearance in a dream as a con-artist of sorts, trying to get into some place... the details of dreams always get sketchy, but it had excellent comic value! In that dream, there also appeared a little French tortoise, who is yet to take the journey across the void between my head and paper.

For inspiration I took a little of Fred Astaire and a little of Harry Fox, the inventor of the Foxtrot and Harry DeFaux's semi-namesake.