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Frankie the Frog, Falling off the Log

One Word, One Day (teeter) - Adam Celeban 2012

20 June 2012 - Pencil on paper. Duration: 3-4 hours.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of One Word, One Day. It's an event organised by the ASA for illustrators around Australia to come together to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Fund by auctioning off their works. The event moves around the each state's capital city, each having a word that is revealed as the topic for the day's illustrations. Sydney's word was "Teeter".

My entry is a portrait of sorts, of the incomparable Frankie Manning. A legend of Swing Dancing. As an afterthought it seemed apt to have one of the first "lindy-hoppers" conveyed as a frog. The illustration shows "Frankie the Frog, Falling off the Log", which happens to be well-known jazz step he most likely invented.

It was so inspiring being able to work alongside so many artists, who's work I have long admired. The illustrators I had the pleasure of working with were the likes of Bruce Whatley, Ben Wood, Serena Geddes, Alison-Jane Rice, Anthony Flowers, Alex Hammond, Pete Fairfax, Sadami Konchi, Brian Brown, PJ Magalhaes and Jill Carter Hansen.

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Web Design:

One Word, One Day (teeter) - Adam Celeban 2012

Search Engine Optimisation

Beating the competition, when it comes to design, is a relatively simple task. The real challenge with this project, was to find ways to boost the site's Google ranking. This was firstly done by making sure that the website was built in such a way that it was structured to make information as relevant to the audience as possible, while also matching the kind of information hierarchy that appeals to Search engines.

Services Provided:
  • Custom Built CMS
  • Hand-coded Web Design
  • Navigational Icons & Motifs
  • PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Customised Contact Form
  • Slideshow
  • Client User Interface for Simple Content Editing
  • Responsive Design
    (for all mobile devices)
  • Cross-browser Compatible
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Oxford Falls

Oxford Falls - Adam Celeban 2012

27th January 2012 - acrylic on canvas.

In January 2012, I organised to go painting in the bush with my artist and friend, Arto Heino. It seemed like Sydney's non-stop raining summers had finally finished, but we still needed to cover our easels and run to the trees for cover every so often… and just wait it out. Arto managed to make a start on a few paintings, but I was determined to completely finish this one painting.

I've been observing the Australian landscape a lot recently, and this painting gave me an opportunity to express a more stylistic and slightly "Seussian" interpretation, especially of the trees' wavy trunks and branches, and the cloud-like canopies of leaves.

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Govetts Leap

Govetts Leap - Adam Celeban 2011

November 2011. Watercolour on Paper.

View Artworks Traditional Painting, En Plein Air, Australia.

En Plein Air Painting Workshop

Austinmer Headland - Adam Celeban 2010Austinmer Beach - Adam Celeban 2010

Duration: each approx 3-6 hours.

I was privileged enough to be offered the opportunity to attend a 3-day "en plein air" painting workshop. It was the first workshop to be held at the The Outlook Artist's Residence in Austinmer (1 hour south of Sydney).

The workshop was held by artist and friend, Rudy Kistler
(who is an excellent teacher too, by the way).

Featured here are my paintings from the workshop. To the left is the first day's study, looking out from a headland at Austinmer beach. Below that, to the left, is a costal landscape painted from the vantage point of the old, run-down Headland Hotel.
And below is a painting of a creek flowing under a shady spot on a little bridge by Austinmer train station.

Creek at Austinmer Station - Adam Celeban 2010