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The Plight of Old-world Vegetables

The Plight of Old-world Vegetables - Chalk Art, Adam Celeban 2011

6-9 October 2011 - Chalk on Canvas (2x3m). Duration: 3½ days.

My entry to The Chalk Urban Art Festival, this year, won a prize! The theme for this year's competition was "food", and it seems as though each year of the competition just keeps getting bigger and better. Congratulations to all of the other prizewinners, and to everyone else who competed.

My work (an appropriation of Grant Wood's American Gothic) tells the tale of an old migrant couple, from a bygone era, Mr Zucchino and his wife, Melanzana. They plead that their taste never be forgotten. Their only hope for the future is that their kind never die out - that they are eaten, and their descendants flourish once more.