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The Plight of Old-world Vegetables

The Plight of Old-world Vegetables - Chalk Art, Adam Celeban 2011

6-9 October 2011 - Chalk on Canvas (2x3m). Duration: 3½ days.

My entry to The Chalk Urban Art Festival, this year, won a prize! The theme for this year's competition was "food", and it seems as though each year of the competition just keeps getting bigger and better. Congratulations to all of the other prizewinners, and to everyone else who competed.

My work (an appropriation of Grant Wood's American Gothic) tells the tale of an old migrant couple, from a bygone era, Mr Zucchino and his wife, Melanzana. They plead that their taste never be forgotten. Their only hope for the future is that their kind never die out - that they are eaten, and their descendants flourish once more.

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Croak, Bellow, Howl & Growl

Croak, Bellow, Howl & Growl - Chalk Art Blues Tribute, Adam Celeban 2010

7-10 October 2010 - Chalk Artwork Series. Duration: 3½ days.

As the chosen "poster boy" for the Chalk Urban Art Festival of 2010, I was swamped with interviews and consequently given an opportunity to flesh out my identity as an artist. I was interviewed by Aesthetics Now Magazine, Street Corner, AFTRS Radio, and Hawkesbury Radio.

2010's Chalk Urban Art Festival was given the theme of
"The Blues". For my entry I chose to tribute Blues musicians with four characters, each drawing inspiration from a mix of different artists. This year I gave myself an added challenge of splitting the 2x3m canvas into a series of artworks, each one a more manageable size. You might notice that the Gorilla (The Growl of Croak, Bellow, Howl & Growl) is shown unfinished. Unfortunately due to time, over-achieving and suffering for my art (that led to painful and bloody fingers), "time" was called just before I was able to complete it.

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The Blue Bird

The Blue Dodo, Chalk Urban Art Festival - Adam Celeban 2008

7-9 September 2008 - Impermanent Chalk Art, 2x3m

In this work, the Blue Dodo character popped into my head singing (or wailing or whining), with a banjo on his lap. He appeared just in time - a day of two before I had to submit my entry to the Chalk Urban Art Festival competition.

The dodo character came into creation whilst, once again, listening to a song, this time by C.W. Stoneking at the Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival about a month beforehand. Funnily enough, the song was called "The Dodo Blues".

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Harry DeFaux

Harry DeFaux, Chalk Urban Art Festival, Adam Celeban 2007

7-9 September 2007 - Impermanent Chalk Art, 2x3m

On my first exhibition for the Chalk Urban Art Festival of 2007 I produced "Harry De Faux", a character that had been playing around in my head for a little while, mostly in a vibrant snappy imagined dance to Danny Kaye's Outfox the Fox, whenever I listened to it.

Harry even made an appearance in a dream as a con-artist of sorts, trying to get into some place... the details of dreams always get sketchy, but it had excellent comic value! In that dream, there also appeared a little French tortoise, who is yet to take the journey across the void between my head and paper.

For inspiration I took a little of Fred Astaire and a little of Harry Fox, the inventor of the Foxtrot and Harry DeFaux's semi-namesake.