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Digital Dreams

Adam sells his first print of his first ever digital painting - August 2010Artworks on display - August 2010

An exhibition that treads new ground by exhibiting Australian digital painters. 27th August - 9th September 2010.

I was invited to exhibit my work at Brunswick Street Gallery – three storeys of gallery space tucked up above a bookshop in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Suddenly this part-time passion had turned into a somewhat more than part-time adventure.

I hurriedly painted another artwork to add to my collection, organised printing, framing and shipping, and flew down to Melbourne to attend the opening night, accompanied by my Publicity Agent/Minister for Social Affairs/girlfriend.

I'm happy to say that I was the first to sell a piece (Office Pandamonium), and that it was sold on opening night, within just a few hours of the gallery opening to the public. What a buzz!

The beauty, or perhaps misfortune/disadvantage of digital painting is that there are no originals. Reproduction is easy enough, and I never need to part with my original work, which can be difficult. Every artist pours their heart and soul into each piece and gets so very attached to it that it’s hard to let it go. It’s also hard to put a price on something you've loved and nurtured, and brought into existence.

That is why I decided the production of my works should be unique, and of the highest quality. Each painting is framed and belongs to a limited edition of 250. They are individually hand-signed and numbered as a part of the printed artwork. The prints are made by 10-ink UltraChrome® HDR process, which has a superior colour and vibrancy to normal 4 colour printers, or even giclée prints which are the usual choice for high-end archival quality artist’s prints.

My little trip to Melbourne was a great source for inspiration. I visited the Tim Burton exhibition and remembered why I love Beetlejuice so much. I also managed to meet Viet-My Bui ("Viet-Mee Buoy"), one of my new favourite artists, alongside whom I happened to be exhibiting. Some of her work can be found at