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Robot Reconstruction & Dino Discovery

Cafe Kidz Robot Reconstruction, Adam Celeban Illustration 2012 & 2014

Café Kidz is a wonderful crafty product designed to keep kids entertained. Their creator, Robyn Holdsworth, came up with the idea of a pack to sell in cafes that will keep kids quiet, entertained and engaged, while a parent can catch up with a friend over coffee. Previous packs that have been created were aimed generally, and at girls. Robyn approached me with taking on the more boy-centric illustration projects named "Robot Reconstruction" and "Dino Discovery".

Robot Reconstruction has 4 different kinds of robot, assembled from specifically designed—cut and folded—pieces of card, and stickers for features. They are also accompanied by a sticker-scape, pencils and an activity booklet. As well as the activity booklet, Dino Discovery includes cartoons, dinosaur fact sheets, stickers and sticker-scape.

(Some design and packaging illustration by John Veeken. All other illustrations and designs by Adam Celeban). Copyright Cafe Kidz.