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Welcome to the online portfolio of Adam Celeban, prize-winning artist, illustrator & designer based in Sydney. Get in touch to have something unique created for your project.

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If I Only had a Brain

If I Only had a Brain, Digital Painting, Adam Celeban 2017

6 June 2017 - Digital Painting (Photoshop). Duration: 24 hours.

Enjoy! Feel free to share it around. T-shirts and accessories with the design, in multiple colours, are available at

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Chadwick's Challenge

Chadwick's Challenge - Children's Book Illustration & Digital Painting, Adam Celeban 2013

October 2013–2014. Digital Painting (Photoshop).

Written by Sue Ruffle, Chadwick's Challenge is a story about a young kookaburra conquering his fear and learning to fly. Pictured above is an early sample spot illustration from the book, and is a taster, as the book is still in production. It shows Chadwick being taken under the wing of his uncle Apari, and confiding in him.

Update: Winner in the Silver category of Illustrators Australia Awards 2015!

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Web Design Case Study:

Chadwick's Challenge - Children's Book Illustration & Digital Painting, Adam Celeban 2013 Adam Celeban's website, on iPhone and iPad, 2014


As is always the sensible approach with portfolio sites, when they're showcasing artwork, illustration or visual design, it's always wise to give the work room to stand on it's own, unencumbered. The difficulty is in not over-designing the website, and turning it into a work of art itself. A portfolio site needs to be neutral so as not to take attention away from the illustration work.

Even though I was my own client for this project, I took much the same approach I would normally. The 'client' wanted a light, bright clean feel to the new website. One that introduced new navigation with categories, making something that was stylish whilst also being incredibly easy to use. Simple and elegant, with a design that reflects an artist that is experienced (and that has a sophisticated, classical worldly feel). There was also the feeling that the site needed a blog-like approach rather than a typical gallery site packed with little other than images, because I want my audience to become involved and get to know the artist behind the works.


Natural Aesthetic

The picture frames are clean and sharp in order to give the artwork space to shine on its own. A typical post/article's composition in the browser combines rules from both classical architecture and typography. In designing publications it's been observed that humans feel most comfortable reading lines that are about 12 words long, so I've applied that line-width along with the use of the golden ratio. If you look to classical Greek and Roman architecture, as well as nature, you will find a multitude of examples of this ratio, and I have made this the relationship of the text block to the picture frame.

The wall and floor motifs also borrowed from the real world with the polished floorboard footer at the bottom of the page, and wallpaper that borrows from the kinds of designs that are used in The Louvre. Their combination of wallpaper and ridiculously ornate frames, while over the top, still seems to work. I wanted to borrow slightly with some of that ornate detail, but keep it much more subtle and muted. If you look closely you’ll notice that as the page scrolls, the lighting effect on the wallpaper changes.

Responsive Web Design

In the web's current climate, it seems as though making dedicated versions of your website for different devices is going to be a never ending job. I wanted to make this version of my website truly responsive, and be completely functional, and be specifically fitted for any device you happen to use. To achieve this, on many occasions, instead of defining proportions using pixels, I used percentages. If you’re reading this on a desktop computer, go ahead and resize the window to see how the site adjusts accordingly.

CMS (Content Management System)

One of the biggest motivations to complete this most recent redesign of my website, quite frankly, was being fed up with Wordpress. Wordpress (a CMS) is essentially a blogging framework that lets you maintain all of your posts in a database, with the ability to add or change visual themes. The problem was that it was proving more and more difficult to create seemingly simple functions on my website without massive and cumbersome workarounds. And when something breaks, with Wordpress being so big, it's so incredibly tedious figuring out what went wrong, I thought I might as well make my own. It was a long learning process, but definitely worth the effort, since I can completely understand what's "under the hood", and can now offer the same functionality to my web clients. As you can see in the image above, I can now edit my posts with ease from anywhere – even from my phone.

Services Provided:
  • Custom Built CMS
  • Hand-coded Web Design
  • Navigational Icons & Motifs
  • PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Responsive Design
    (for all mobile devices)
  • Cross-browser Compatible
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The Bell-tail Miniature Dragon

Adam Celeban - Digital Painting 2013

13 December 2013 - Digital Painting (Photoshop). Duration: 1 working day.

Pictured above, is a quick creature design I did for Helpful Bear Productions' Creature Design Contest. The Miniature dragon lives in dense tropical rainforests, cautiously fluttering from pond to treetop. Camouflaged like a leaf on a branch, swaying with the wind, the miniature dragon has been observed to pounce, with lightning reflexes, upon unsuspecting crickets, flies, dragonflies, and beetles.

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F for Flourish

F for Flourish - Adam Celeban 2013

1 October 2013. Acrylic and marker on wood. Duration: 4-6 hours.

This little (9x5 inches) piece was created as my entry to the 18th Annual Illustrators Australia 9x5 Exhibition with the theme of “flourish”. It's a luminescent seahorse, proudly displaying its leafy appendages for all to see.

Visit Illustrators Australia for more information on the exhibition and silent auction.