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Welcome to the online portfolio of Adam Celeban, prize-winning artist, illustrator & designer based in Sydney. Get in touch to have something unique created for your project.

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Aussie Santa

Aussie Santa, Digital Speed Painting - Adam Celeban 2009

10th December 2009 - Digital Painting (Photoshop). Duration: 3 hours.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Created for a Christmas card, this speed-painting is a new re-invention of Santa Claus in the land Down Under.
It's quite apparent to anyone who gives it any thought, that a reindeer-drawn sleigh is a most impractical form of transport for anyone intending to travel in Australia.

Santa rides an "obviously magical" quad bike drawn by six red kangaroos. He is adorned with black gumboots and gloves, tight little red shorts, and a cookie and beer-stained singlet. His red Akubra, edged with cotton wool protects his dusty face from the hot Australian sun.

It's a tough ride, made all the tougher by the need to make a quick change into his red robes, in the dark, whilst flying over the Pacific Ocean, island-hopping his way to America. I really hope Santa finds a moment to take a break and have a shower!

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All Aboard the Clandestine Express!

Clandestine Express - Digital Painting, Adam Celeban 2009

Created for the CGSociety Challenge XXIV, titled "Secret Agent" (11 June 2009 - 10 September 2009) - Digital Painting (Photoshop).

Originally published through CG Society, this work is my entry for their "Secret Agent" CG Challenge of 2009.

This digital painting is a tribute to cartoon spies, as we remember them; short in stature, green skin, moustaches, trench coats pulled tight, hats pulled down low, shady shifty eyes. My inspiration for this piece was drawn from 40s - 60s cartoons.

I immersed myself in cartoons such as TV Ads of the time, Hannah Barbera, The Pink Panther, The Dover Boys, Dudley Do-Right (particularly the villain Snidely Whiplash), Inspector Gadget and many more to eventually create a look for this piece.

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Wolfman, Digital Painting - Adam Celeban 2009

5 March 2009 - Digital Painting (Photoshop). Duration: 9 hours.

This "Werewolf" is the beginning of a mythical creatures series. The intent of the series is to inject a little more reality, as I see it, into the way these creatures are seen. I've always been interested in mythology, but aside from that, I am often dissatisfied with the creature designs I see in many movies and TV shows.

This painting closely followed the viewing of the newest of the Underworld movies. I enjoyed the experience because I spent most of it imagining what more could be done with Vampires and Werewolves.

In this instance, the werewolf is clearly more wolf (Grey Wolf specifically), but retains the pink skin of a man underneath, and shows the shirt stretched to extreme above.

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The Blue Bird

The Blue Dodo, Chalk Urban Art Festival - Adam Celeban 2008

7-9 September 2008 - Impermanent Chalk Art, 2x3m

In this work, the Blue Dodo character popped into my head singing (or wailing or whining), with a banjo on his lap. He appeared just in time - a day of two before I had to submit my entry to the Chalk Urban Art Festival competition.

The dodo character came into creation whilst, once again, listening to a song, this time by C.W. Stoneking at the Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival about a month beforehand. Funnily enough, the song was called "The Dodo Blues".

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Harry DeFaux

Harry DeFaux, Chalk Urban Art Festival, Adam Celeban 2007

7-9 September 2007 - Impermanent Chalk Art, 2x3m

On my first exhibition for the Chalk Urban Art Festival of 2007 I produced "Harry De Faux", a character that had been playing around in my head for a little while, mostly in a vibrant snappy imagined dance to Danny Kaye's Outfox the Fox, whenever I listened to it.

Harry even made an appearance in a dream as a con-artist of sorts, trying to get into some place... the details of dreams always get sketchy, but it had excellent comic value! In that dream, there also appeared a little French tortoise, who is yet to take the journey across the void between my head and paper.

For inspiration I took a little of Fred Astaire and a little of Harry Fox, the inventor of the Foxtrot and Harry DeFaux's semi-namesake.